A superwoman is a woman who KNOWS that she’s the business. She is unapologetically successful. She understands that imperfection is perfection to a beautiful perspective. 


She holds herself to a standard of authenticity, not perfection, accepting that she won't always make the right decisions, she may screw up sometimes and will probably experience a few challenges. But she understands that failure is not a death sentence because at least she has given her best and has learned. 


A superwoman can be a wife, a partner, a mother, a successful individual but she juggles around these roles successfully. And, she has a social life, look after her health, and embrace an amazing lifestyle. She has a secret and a few strategies that she is joyfully willing to share empowering and inspiring us all. 


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 A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.”


Madonna (one of the superwomen)



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The ONLY 3 People you Should Actually take Advice From

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Leaving out unhelpful advice gives you the opportunity to listen to valuable guidance

People love to tell you how to live your life. There is no shortage of family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, businesses, magazines, and websites offering a lot of guidance about what you should or shouldn’t do. But while everyone thinks that telling others what they should do will work, few actually rely on the proven, research-based strategies that actually do typically result in behavior change.

When I started my YouTube channel, many people came to me explaining how I should make my videos, how I should promote myself, and how I should edit. 80% of those tips came from people who had never had experiences with YouTube, and many of them were quite rude about how I was doing things “wrong”.

The problem with this type of unsolicited advice that comes from people “close” to you but who have no experience in the area is that they are rarely right (even when they think they are). How do you think that piece of advice from a person who has never edited in her life will be useful for your editing plans? One or two things may be right, but I don’t think you should believe 100% of them.

Here are the three people you should actually take advice from:

1/ People who really love you

People who really love you and care about your success will always give you advice for your good. They can be your family, close friends, or your partner. If you are surrounded by people with a pure and sincere interest in you, they will always want the best for you and your happiness.

They should be your first option to ask for advice because although they may not have experience on the subject, they want the best for you and in general, they will see which option is best for you in the area you want to develop.

For example, my mother knows absolutely nothing about video editing, sound editing, or how to reach a good audience on YouTube, but she can tell me how fluid I look on camera, how the stage looks, and how well I listen to a video. Those little tips that come from important people help us grow as a professional.

2/ Successful people in the area

If someone knows the formula to be rich and he is not, do you think this formula really works? Tips are usually more credible when they come from a person who reached the goal because you can see the success of their words. Humans are naturally attracted to people who have achieved something because that gives us the feeling that what he says is right.

For example, this youtube video says “how you can earn 1 million views in just 3 days on youtube” but only has 7 views in 3 years. Do you think you are gonna learn something useful for your channel? If he can’t do it with his advice, you probably can’t either.

People who talk about others without any experience don’t really know why something worked. Many people love to talk about other successes because it gives them views, not really because they want to help you. Who is really going to help you reach that goal is the person who did it and it worked for them. You can do an analysis of all the strategies that another person used to be successful, but who really knows the secrets is the person who actually did it.

3/ People you work for

The people you work for who give you the advice to be better at what you are doing do it because they want to have better results in your services. If you do a good job, they will have better results. Therefore, the advice they give you is so you can improve.

They can be your boss, your manager, people you work with directly and your clients. No one who uses your work to earn something is going to give you bad advice because their success depends on your results. Unless someone wants to bankrupt their own company, I don’t see the reason why they would tell you to do something worse than you already do.

People that clients are always right, although I do not go 100% according to this phrase because sometimes clients are very rude without any reason, there is a reality in it: they want good service, therefore their recommendations are so that you can improve in the future.

Remember, other people's advice can limit your success. Everyone is different, what may work for you will not necessarily work for everyone. Many people have accomplished things in one month, while others have had to work for years to achieve it. The reality is that not everyone does things the same way, even if they do the same job.

When you start reading many articles by people who have accomplished many things in a short time, it usually blurs you to achieve your goal, because you usually believe that if it is easy for them, it will be easy for you, but the reality is not like that. You can take advice on how to improve in certain aspects of your life, but that is not necessarily going to make you achieve the same results as other people.

By Desiree Peralta

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